One must make a distinction however: when dragged into prominence by half poets, the result is not poetry, nor till the autocrats among us can be “literalists of the imagination”—above insolence and triviality and can present for inspection, imaginary gardens with real toads in them, shall we have it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Tuesday Platform

Welcome to the Imaginary Garden...

Greetings to all poetic travellers of the blogosphere! In continuing the series of clips from Human, the Movie, I believe it is fitting to listen to the words of out-going Secretary-General of the United Nations, whose ten year leadership came to an end on December 31, 2016.

If writing poetry could be considered the equivalent of planting a tree, then this is the garden in which every tree should flourish. Please share your work with us today, and take the time to read the work of those who have linked up with you.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Inside the Ink (Poetry and Flash Fiction with Magaly)

Write a three-stanza poem, or a very short story (313 words or fewer).

I just reread the first book I finished in 2017: The Ink Dark Moon: Love Poems by Ono no Komachi and Izumi Shikibu, Women of the Ancient Court of Japan. I tend to allow several months (often a year) before picking up a book I’ve already read. But this tanka anthology, and its history, gripped me. The poetry is suggestive, playful, sad, loving, happy… just like life—my reading journal is bursting with quotes.

This week, I invite you to take a quote from the last book you read, and turn it into a new three-stanza poem or a very short story (of 313 words or fewer). Dance with the quote, laugh with it… cry with it—make us feel what the words made you feel. Please share the book quote and title.

After you are done, fee the direct link to your entry to Mr. Linky. Visit other Toads.

 Detail from the cover of The Ink Dark Moon.